Samsung’s follow up to the Z Fold 2 could be smaller, but maybe not in the dimension you want – The Verge2 min read

Even with a minor taper, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is still practically as thick as two phones back to back.

Samsungs next Galaxy Z Fold folding phone might have a somewhat smaller sized screen than its previous designs, feature a smaller sized battery, and quite possibly release in July alongside a brand-new Galaxy Z Flip, The Elec reports (through XDA Developers).
The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will supposedly have a 7.5-inch main tablet screen and a 6.2-inch screen on the front cover of the phone, The Elec composes, which would be essentially the very same as the Fold 2s 7.6-inch primary screen and 6.2-inch cover display screen. The Elec says these screen sizes include the added advantage of “absolutely no bezels,” so although the screens might be the exact same size, the third Fold might feel somewhat smaller because the actual body of the phone may shrink.
In comparison to the Fold 2s 4,500 mAh battery, the Fold 3 will apparently make do with a somewhat smaller 4,380 mAh battery. Once again, not a significant change in size and it may not even significantly effect battery life, however its intriguing to note if it results other changes to the Folds design.

Image: Samsung

Theres other reported changes to the Fold line, including the possibility of S Pen support, similar to the Galaxy S21 Ultra got earlier this year. For the Fold, a stylus could likewise posture additional challenges if Samsung tries to incorporate stylus storage directly in the phone instead of using an add-on case like the Ultra. A hole for a stylus could take up space that could be filled with additional battery capability or eliminated completely for an overall thinner phone.
And– though The Elec doesnt mention it at all, so dont anticipate a change– thinness is the measurement that might in fact matter when it comes to a brand-new Galaxy Fold. Including the extra space developed by its hinge, the Fold 2 has to do with two S21 Ultra thick when folded. If Samsung isnt weakening the reported Fold 3 to make it easier to fit and hold in a pocket, I hope theyll think about that the next time around: it could also help Samsung take on newcomers like Huaweis Mate X2 and Xiaomis Mi Mix Fold which both utilize comparable folding styles and are currently thinner than the Fold 2.

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