Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra gets eSIM support for T-Mobile in the US – Engadget1 min read

You can now utilize an eSIM with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra if youre a T-Mobile subscriber. The provider has rolled out an upgrade for the model that includes eSIM assistance to the phone, enabling you to use your number without having to slot in a physical SIM. It could be very helpful if you have 2 lines, or if youre traveling and require the physical slot for a worldwide SIM. Despite the fact that the innovation has actually been around for a long time, it still not as commonly used as physical SIMs in the US, given that really couple of phones support it..
According to XDA Developers, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the first Samsung phone in North America to provide eSIM capability thanks to this update. In the United States, the just other alternatives that enable you to ditch physical SIMs are iPhones and Googles Pixel phones. There are many other models, such as the Galaxy S21, that can technically use digital SIMs, but providers need to allow the feature first before customers can use it.
T-Mobile initially changed on eSIM support for the iPhone in 2018 and has enabled the feature for Pixel devices ever since. Examine out T– Mobiles assistance page for guidelines you can follow if you have not triggered an eSIM for your number yet. Based on a screenshot published on Reddit, the update likewise includes Dual SIM Dual Standby ability to the device. That suggests you can utilize 2 physical SIMs with it, though one will remain inactive while the other is in usage.

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