Samsung Display details new energy-efficient OLED used in the Galaxy S21 Ultra – news – GSMArena.com1 min read

Source (in Chinese).

The OLED is cutting the power draw by 16% while increasing brightness too. The arise from our Galaxy S21 Ultra testing shows that the display screen can get actually intense and the battery runtimes seem to verify Samsungs claims that the panel is more effective as well.

Samsung Show revealed more details on the new generation of power-efficient OLED panels, which is presently adorning the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Not only is it more effective however brighter too.

Its implicit that Samsung will be making this new generation of OLEDs for other producers too but its unclear when the new tech will strike the marketplace in a consumer-ready product. When it comes to now, the only way to experience the brand-new tech is to get a Galaxy S21 Ultra.

We all know that OLEDs utilize natural light-emitting diodes and Samsung has actually created a brand-new material that increases the moving speed of the electrons bumping up the brightness.

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