Rumour: Hidden File Suggests Toadette Was Planned As A Playable Character In Super Mario 3D World – Nintendo Life1 min read

Was Toadette when prepared as a perk gamer alternative? Would gamers have had the ability to pick in between the two Toads perhaps, or was she going to be included the Captain Toad levels– much like she is in the complete Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker game?
Interesting stuff.

With Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury now available on Nintendo Switch, lots of brand-new players are enjoying the Wii U classic for the very first time. The titles known for its mash-up of 2D and 3D Mario platforming, cats, and a four-player lineup comprised of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad, however it looks like things might have been rather different.
According to @Nickoloxx, who claims to have been “doing some digging” through Super Mario 3D Worlds files, it appears that Toadette was as soon as planned to be a playable character. Nickoloxx says, “So far Ive discovered a couple of traces of her in the player files. She has a voice line for being picked, and I also found 214 player animations.”
That voice line can be heard in the post shared below; Nickoloxx notes that while theyre able to get the file to fill in-game on the character choice screen, theyre not able to rip it straight.
I dunno how to rip it but I did manage to get it to fill in game— Nickolox (@Nickoloxx) February 17, 2021

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