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Rode has actually launched a sequel to its Wireless Go mobile microphone system, the Wireless Go II, which is implied to offer an easy way for video creators to tape-record audio from two people at as soon as.
Like its predecessor, the Go II is a compact cordless microphone pack created for the creator who desires a lighter gear bag in the field (or is on a spending plan), while still being able to utilize a devoted off-camera audio system. With this next generation, the Go II now uses double channel recording for two sources, an extended wireless range for a more stable transmission, and on-board recording capabilities as a failsafe option.
For dual channel recording, Rode includes 2 different clip-on transmitters in the box– both with an on-board omnidirectional condenser microphone or a 3.5 mm TRS input for plugging in a separate lavalier microphone– which transfers to a single receiver. That receiver can record both microphone loads in stereo and output the audio through USB-C to a phone or computer, or through 3.5 mm analog TRS to a different recorder or cam input.

Given that an external lavalier is not included, the built-in microphones on the top of the transmitter are what most users will be relying on. In many practices this is difficult to cover on camera, unless you dont mind a nearly two-inch black square or a one-inch thick clip with a fuzzy windshield on the skills lapel.
The Wireless Go IIs on-board recording system can conserve approximately 24 hours of audio internally without the requirement of an SD card (though the batteries will only last approximately seven hours), while keeping the multitrack recording different for post-production. The brand-new design offers an extended cordless variety of up to 200m (656 feet).
With these added functions, Rodes Wireless Go II need to assist to alleviate the tension of audio concerns that pester the average sound operator– making sure microphones are selecting up numerous sources, avoiding any RF interference from uncontrollable environments, and having a backup for any audio information lost.
Rodes Wireless Go II is now readily available for $299.

Image: Rode

Rode Wireless Go II: two transmitters, one receiver.

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