PSN servers down again for PS4 and PS5 players – Gamesradar1 min read

PlayStation Network servers are down again, according to both player reports and Sony’s official sources.

The PSN server status tracker has all areas of the service listed at red as of this writing, indicating that “you might have difficulty” logging in, launching games, navigating the PlayStation Store and beyond (though some users say they’ve been unaffected). As it stands right now, Sony hasn’t offered any timetable for when the service may be restored, and the issue seems to have been popping up for at least a few hours.

Sony’s servers previously had some significant downtime in July, and while it isn’t uncommon for PSN to go down, this has already become a more prolonged issue than most brief service outages.

Right now, there’s been no official word from Sony on why PSN is down. All we have to go on is speculation surrounding the nature of the outage, but if any official word does come from Sony or PlayStation, we’ll be sure to update this article as soon as we see it.

Naturally, we’d suggest checking out our complete PSN error codes guide for a solution on how to solve the issue, but given the server status, it might be a case of simply waiting for Sony to make the necessary repairs on their end, rather than players doing anything to re-establish connection to the PSN servers on their end.

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