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The leaker has actually produced photographic evidence and much more to provide weight to their report. At this moment, our company believe its genuine which Argos will reveal their PS5 stock soon.

Major UK seller Argos may soon be getting fresh PS5 stock, according to a current leakage. Has the retailer discovered from previous mistakes?

A new tweet from a market expert reveals the merchants PS5 restock is all but verified. Twitter user ps5ukstock3 has actually been following the leakages and is upgrading Twitter users periodically.

According to a recent leakage UK seller Argos will have fresh PS5 stock either today or tomorrow. We reported a potential huge PS5 restock in the UK earlier today, now it appears that the rumours were proper.

However, there are fears that this PS5 restock might be targeted by scalpers– like the last Argos restock.

It appears likely that the PS5 stock at Argos will go on sale today or tomorrow. Or Argos might await Monday early morning. Basically, it could be anytime now.

Will the Argos PS5 Stock Update Avoid Scalpers?

Like the US, the UK has had its own concerns with PS5 scalpers– a lot so that the UK federal government is checking out options to tackle them.

Last time Argos had a major PS5 restock, scalpers used a loophole to purchase up a considerable portion of the consoles. What was most discouraging, is that Argos understood about this the night prior to – but took no action to avoid it.

This was according to another leak from an Argos staff member, a matter of hours before the PS5 stock went on sale. It is hoped that this will not take place once again, and that the retailer has actually discovered its lesson.

Scalpers are likely to target this restock too, however ideally this time, Argos are prepared to scupper their efforts. By doing this routine consumers might finally be able to protect a PS5.

However the bright side is PS5 stock is coming, and we d recommend our UK readers to be ready– Argos may soon have you covered. And so will we as soon as its officially revealed.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up-to-date information about the newest drops as they go live if youre still attempting to secure a PS5!

According to this scalper group, they are not the bad people we think they are. Yeh were not encouraged either.

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