PS5 DualSense teardown videos warned us about stick drift months ago – Gamesradar1 min read

Some players have been reporting that the dreaded stick drift phenomenon has raised its awful head, badly affecting the gaming experience.This has triggered some YouTube channels to review preliminary teardown videos of the PS5s DualSense controller to see why this could be the case.YouTube channel iFixit published a brand-new video just recently to check out the DualSense, with the results pointing to the controller just have about 417 hours of usage till it starts to have an effect on the controllers joysticks.The video shares an appearance at the controller and provides us some information from ALPS, whoc is the manufacturer of the joystick parts, and the outcomes point towards the anticipated operation life for the sticks is 2,000,000 cycles and clicking in the analogue stick will last about 500,000 cycles.What precisely does this mean? According to iFixits analysis utilizing Call of Duty: Warzone as a test, this might suggest that a controller has about 417 hours till the operating lifecycle of the sticks will strike its maximum.Putting this further into perspective, if you were to play your PS5 console for simply two hours a day, you will get about 7 months of usage out of your controller prior to you start to observe drifting. It is likewise crucial to note that something like Call of Duty: Warzone, which requires a lot of clicking and moving, is going to be an extreme exercise on your controller, especially if youre playing it for many hours at a time.The most distressing part about all of this, however, is that those who enjoyed the preliminary teardown videos of the PS5 controller understood that this was already the case.

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