PS5 bundles are in stock at GameStop [UPDATE: Sold Out] – The Verge1 min read

The second bundle costs $730. At that rate, it nets you one PS5 with a disc drive, 2 $70 video games (Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War), an additional DualSense controller, and a $20 GameStop present card. Normally, all this stuff would retail for roughly $720 prior to tax, so there is a little rate increase if you were to purchase these products independently.

Update April 2nd, 2021: 9:47 AM ET: GameStop has sold all of the stock readily available for its three PS5 packages.
If you have been staying up to date with PS5 news, you will know that it is nearly difficult to find this console today due to the fact that of the short supply and mostly online-only sales. If you dont mind buying a package, which includes extra products along with the PS5, GameStop has actually restocked numerous PS5 packages right now.
If you are interested in what each package consists of, there are 2 packages we discovered that might be worth a buy.
The PS5 Digital Edition bundle– that includes the console, plus one-year subscriptions for PS Plus and PS Now, an extra DualSense controller, and a $20 GameStop present card– is offering for $600, or about $200 more than the console alone opts for. Buying all of these products separately would tally approximately the very same $600, so youre not pushed into a marked-up cost.

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