Porsche Is Just Teasing Us With 630-HP Extra Beefy Cayenne – Jalopnik1 min read


Porsche is serving up a beast Cayenne to contend with the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX. This extremely Cayenne beats the outgoing Cayenne Turbo model by about 89 HP, according to Auto Express, with a leading speed of 178 to 186 miles per hour. From Express: Despite this, though, and all of the technology available to make the cars and truck as aggressive and nimble as possible when you want it, Porsche has actually preserved an outstanding level of long-distance comfort.The seats arent deep pails regardless of the performance capacity but provide a balance of comfort and support, while the beautiful forgiving suspension set-up in the default driving mode and some GT-like luxury with added Alcantara upholstery inside suggests the Cayenne has a broad spread of capability.

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