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Switch Theme Black Or WhiteSwitch Theme Black Or White

Among all the talk of big games coming up, the imminent double release of Metroid Dread and the OLED Switch model, we like to consider the big questions here at Nintendo Life. Stuff that matters.

So we return to Themes, and the seminal choice that faces all Nintendo Switch owners – Basic White or Basic Black? It’s a tough choice, an important choice, and one that will only be amplified further for those that get Nintendo’s shiny new system. If each pixel is lit individually as per OLED magic, what colour should those pixels be?

Now there is a right answer to this question, but we won’t prejudice the results by confirming it here. And we also want your thoughts on whether Nintendo should — four and a half years down the line — give us more themes for the system. If, like this writer, you had quite a few paid-for themes on 3DS and enjoyed setting them to ‘random’, then you have an answer in mind.

So many choices, oh Nintendo you spoil us!
So many choices, oh Nintendo you spoil us!

So, Switch themes — which one is better?

Feel free to let us know below what colour theme you’d like for your Switch, and how Nintendo should tie unlockable themes to amiibo so we can finally rock a sweet yellow/purple Wario theme.

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