Pokémon Platinum Content Spotted In Diamond And Pearl Remake Trailer – Nintendo Life1 min read


As can be seen above, theres obviously an additional NPC in the Platinum version of Floaroma Town that also features in the Switch version. If you have actually Shaymin on hand, this character provides you Gracidea.
Its also considered as “more concrete proof” than the look of Porygon-Z in the Switch trailer – which appears in Diamond and Pearls post-game.
What do you make from all this? Believe its an indication of Platinum Version content in the remakes? Leave a remark down below.

Its official, The Pokémon Company has actually revealed Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are arriving this year.
The PR explains how the Nintendo DS originals have actually been faithfully replicated. There are likewise a variety of updates, including easy-to-understand and player-friendly benefits.
All of this has got fans wondering if the material from the 3rd version, Pokémon Platinum, will feature. According to a Twitter user known as voltimer, theres a likelihood it will, based on the reveal trailer:
This is more concrete proof of Platinum additions than Porygon-Z remaining in the trailer thats for sure– voltimer @ TL of Sinnohan Passion (@voltimer_) February 26, 2021

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