PlayStation and Xbox Fans Upset Following Cancellation of PS4 and Xbox One Game – ComicBook.com1 min read

In other words, according to the set, the cancellation comes down to desiring to make use of the power the PS5 and Xbox Series X offer, nevertheless, the video game is still coming to the Nintendo Switch, which is technically inferior to both the PS4 and Xbox One.As you would expect, those on the last-gen PlayStation console and the last-gen Xbox console arent really happy about the decision nor are they pleased with the description.”Quietly cancelling the PS4 and Xbox One variations is already low, however cancelling them to start with when the game is coming to the Switch is kind of gross,” wrote one user in action to the news. In the meantime, be prepared to upgrade to PS5 or Xbox Series X if youre on PS4 and Xbox One and want to play this one when it releases.For more coverage on all things PlayStation, all things Xbox, and all things gaming– including all of the most current news, rumors, and leakages on both of these platforms– click here.

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