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A new PlayStation 5 Digital Edition revision will start shipping at the end of the month, featuring some light changes over the launch model.

The new model, the CFI-1100B01 series, which is now being listed on multiple Japanese websites, will be around 300g lighter than the launch model and it will come with a thumb screw for the base. It’s not yet clear what has been changed to make the console lighter, but it’s likely some changes have been made to the fan and heatsink, which are quite big in the original model.

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The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition launched alongside the regular model back in November 2020, but the console is still hard to come by for a variety of reasons. Since its release, the current generation console from Sony received a few exclusive titles, like the Demon’s Souls remake by Bluepoint and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. The game by Insomniac is among the best showcases of the console, as highlighted by Chris in his review.

Through outstanding storytelling, exquisite visuals, and gripping gameplay, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart proves to be an engaging, fun, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable return to the series. It also offers the introduction to two brand new characters that could arguably be the protagonists of their own spin-off, or at least return to future entries in the series. For fans and new players alike, this is a game I would recommend for everybody and a true showing of the sort of titles we should expect for the new generation.

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition are now available worldwide. The new model will start shipping in late July.

The PlayStation 5 console unleashes new gaming possibilities that you never anticipated. Experience lightning fast loading with an ultra-high speed SSD, deeper immersion with support for haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio, and an all-new generation of incredible PlayStation games.

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