Playing the Worlds Largest 6-Foot-Long, 65-Pound Nintendo Switch Looks Like an Excellent Workout – Gizmodo1 min read

What if that console was a supersized variation of the Nintendo Switch determining 6 feet long and weighing 65 pounds? Determining 70-inches long, Picks custom Switch is about 650% larger than Nintendos initial Switch, and is about as close as anybody can get to a professional variation of the portable console at this time.Hidden inside the left Joy-Con is a real Switch utilizing an HDMI cable to feed gameplay to the 4K display so there was minimal hardware hacking needed to realize this monster. It sounds a little over-engineered, but the method means that if and when the next-generation version of the Switch arrives it can be swapped into this extra-large shell with a couple of adjustments and upgrades.Instead of keeping the beefcake Switch, Pick donated it to the Saint Judes Childrens Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee, where it can be delighted in by those in need of a pick-me-up.

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