Paradox Finally Announces Grand Strategy Sequel Victoria 3 – Kotaku2 min read

In some cases all you require is a logo. Image: Paradox InteractiveNow that gamers have actually had ample time to check out all the nooks and crannies of 2010s Victoria II, Paradox Development Studio is prepared to officially announce Victoria 3, a grand technique video game coming quickly to PC that tasks players with handling their own society in the Victorian Era of the 19th and early 20th centuries.Confirmed today at PDXCON 2021, Victoria 3 a “grand” strategy game, which in my experience implies lots of statistics and menus representing various aspects of economics, diplomacy, and politics. Check out the screenshot below. If you find yourself appreciating its minutiae or developing a strong desire to click and track all of the data, theres a great chance its the sort of video game for you. Maps. Text. Statistics. Joy. Screenshot: Paradox InteractiveHeres a list of bullet-point features, direct from the main press release. Deep Societal Simulation: Cultural, ideological and economic divisions compete for power and resources in among Paradoxs most in-depth historical worlds.Tend Your National Garden: Nurture your population, educating it and preparing it for the future, ensuring their success and improving their happiness.Wonders of the Industrial Age: Scientific and social progress give you the chance to improve the lives of your citizens.Sophisticated Economic System: Import goods to keep costs low, export products to enrich your people, and after that tax that wealth to advance your plans.Challenging Diplomacy: Maintain harmonious relations with your neighbors or provoke a crisis to get important resources or force open new markets.Political Dealmaking: Manage completing interests in your federal government, opening new reforms but running the risk of revolution if crucial voices are not heard.Detailed and Living World: Cities grow and factories darken the landscape on a perfectly drawn map of the 19th century globe. Play any of dozens of countries from 1836 and attempt to claim your location in the sun.Not really my cup of tea, however I know fans of the series whove been waiting permanently for a statement as Paradox went back and forth on whether Victoria II was worthy of a follow up at all, so its excellent to see the gamers getting more of what they enjoy.

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