Pac-Man 99 is a new battle royale game for the Switch – The Verge1 min read

Pac-Man 99 likewise has different styles available for purchase that alter the music and visuals based upon other Namco video games like Galaga, Xevious, and Dig Dug. There are 20 in overall.
Pac-Man 99 will be readily available to download tomorrow, April 7th, and itll be totally free for anybody with a Nintendo Switch Online membership. The game is special to the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has actually announced Pac-Man 99, a new multiplayer video game thatll be consisted of with its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Like Tetris 99 and the recently left Super Mario Bros. 35, the game pits dozens of players versus each other in a battle royale-style battle to the end.
The game looks comparable to the timeless game original Pac-Man, however you can make it harder for opponents by chewing on power pellets, eating ghosts, and sending out “Jammer Pac-Man” over to their screens. There are 8 various preset strategies you can use to screw with other players, for example by accelerating their game.

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