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” We are still exploring brand-new video game modes and reassessing old game modes individuals are more critical of,” Kaplan said. “We desire Overwatch 2 to feel like the next development, a true sequel to the first game, not an add-on. Kaplan said that back in 2019, at the last BlizzCon where Overwatch 2 was introduced, the group felt that the fight wasnt as engaging as it could be.” We require some more time to say it is completely polished the way we want it,” Kaplan stated. We want to tell you how the news matters to you– not simply as a decision-maker at a game studio, however likewise as a fan of video games.

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Blizzard Entertainment stated that Overwatch 2 isnt coming in 2021, however it did expose a bunch of brand-new information at its BlizzCon Online event today.
Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch 2– the shooter follow up to Overwatch– stated in a discussion with leaders on the group that the video game will have a larger variety of environments for fights through the world. The group unveiled 2 new maps: Rome and New York.
Romes look emphasizes the blend of “romantic” old-world architecture with modern improvements, such as The Colosseum together with a new stadium. New york city is embeded in a 1920s art deco design, with futuristic components for landmarks like Grand Central Station. It will have details like pizza places and fire stations together with the older buildings.
” We must carry on or otherwise well have to reveal more maps,” Kaplan joked.
Kaplan said that the characters will have modifications compared to how they played before. The player-versus-player combat will obtain a lot from Overwatch, however there are experimental changes for numerous characters and roles. Heroes can have passive abilities depending upon what function they are playing. Tank Heroes will knock-back reduction versus them and generate less ult charge for opponents contending them.
Above: New York map in Overwatch 2. Image Credit: Blizzard
Tank heroes, for instance, will not simply stand back and provide shields to players, Kaplan said. If on rails, they will have unique moves that allow them to join fierce firefights and maneuver rapidly around enemies as. The tanks will be able to engage in toe-to-toe brawls and be as aggressive as they look, he said.
” Some of these things you can only make with a new game,” Kaplan said, instead of an expansion to the existing video game.
While all of the changes are still speculative, the current build of Reinhardt gives him two firestrike charges and charge cancellation. He can more properly pin targets. Kaplan stated these changes may not stick, however it will assist gamers embrace the big burly hostility for the character.
Above: Guns will sound different in Overwatch 2. Image Credit: Blizzard
They showed off a brand-new character, Sojourn, using a rail weapon that will bring back the feeling of timeless shooters (like Quake) where you can do enormous damage if you have accurate goal. It will rip through enemies.
Blizzard is likewise remaking all of the sound of the weapons to make sure that they have a visceral feel. If youre in a location that echoes a lot, the guns will have “convolution reverb,” suggesting the acoustics of echoes from the environment will be combined in with the gun sounds.
Above: Pharah has a transparent visor in Overwatch 2. Image Credit: Blizzard
Quick melee attacks will have different noises too– a sign that whatever is being resolved in the video games noises.
Soldier 76s weapon will feel like a “weapon is nearly out of your control,” as it shakes while youre shooting it. It will feel “extremely effective,” the group said.
” We are still exploring brand-new game modes and reevaluating old video game modes individuals are more critical of,” Kaplan stated. “We desire Overwatch 2 to seem like the next development, a real follow up to the very first video game, not an add-on. Its not an extension of the initial game. I believe its interesting.”
There will also be hundreds of Hero missions in the co-op player-versus-player experience, where you follow a story and take on non-player enemies as you level up your hero. Julia Humphreys, production director, said that on some of the missions, the co-op players will have to split up to get cylinders and deal single-handedly with some very challenging enemies that spawn in their method.
Above: Jeff Kaplan is game director for Overwatch 2. Image Credit: Blizzard
When it comes to environments, youll see things like sunsets, daytime, and nighttime variations of the very same maps. And Blizzard has actually produced vibrant weather, so a sandstorm or thunderstorm could appear in the middle of a battle, altering your visibility drastically.
Youll likewise see a role-playing game (RPG) design leveling up for things like guns. Youll add skills to heroes and guns so that they can do electrical damage or freeze opponents, and that will let you manage the battleground in unique ways, Humphreys stated.
Kaplan said that back in 2019, at the last BlizzCon where Overwatch 2 was introduced, the group felt that the combat wasnt as engaging as it could be. The opponent systems werent that intriguing, and so the team went to work on opponents like Breached, which is a robotic with two legs. Gamers have to take it out prior to it blows up.
Above: Changing environments in Overwatch 2. Image Credit: Blizzard
Overwatch 2 is the largest opportunity to actually broaden what Overwatch even means to our players,” Kaplan said.
The story will happen in a second big Omnic (self-aware robotics) uprising. Youll see who lags it and why it is happening. The Overwatch group has been dissolved, the world is in problem once again, and it needs heroes but they are not enabled to assist.
During the gameplay, story minutes will unfold within the environment. Heroes will have dialogue minutes in those objectives.
” We need some more time to say it is perfectly polished the method we desire it,” Kaplan stated. “What Im most excited about is the moment when we hand the game over to the players.
GamesBeats creed when covering the video game market is “where enthusiasm meets business.” What does this suggest? We wish to inform you how the news matters to you– not just as a decision-maker at a game studio, however also as a fan of video games. Whether you read our articles, listen to our podcasts, or enjoy our videos, GamesBeat will assist you discover the industry and delight in engaging with it.

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