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The opponents in Outriders were killing me after just a couple of seconds in every battle, and I couldnt find out what I was doing incorrect until a pal offered me some sage advice: The cover in Outriders is for the bad guys, not you.
Hiding behind cover, no matter how natural it feels, is practically constantly the wrong thing to do in Outriders. What do you need to do rather if you hope to remain alive long enough to deal some genuine damage?
Heal yourself, the only method the game lets you: By eliminating your opponents, not concealing from them.
Outriders recovery system is based upon killing, not concealing
Outriders is a pastiche of so numerous other AAA games that its simple to believe itll play like them. Each battlefield appears to be created to keep gamers moving from cover to cover, shooting only when given the opportunity, taking genuine estate back from the enemy a couple of feet at a time. Much of the games visual language appears to suggest that this is the right method to play, but dont be deceived.

There are ways to safeguard yourself that dont need cover, and are much more efficient

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However if I warp into a swarm of enemies, I better have a strategy to soak the damage the remainder of the enemy forces will send my way, while ruining enough of them that my health is constantly complemented. I better have a clear path for escape if I cant handle that.
The video game desires me to be in the thick of battle, where I need to understand how to use each of my weapons, capabilities, and the strengths of my teammates to make split-second decisions and endure. The luxury of taking a breath while bent behind a barrier as I heal has actually been eliminated completely, and the video games director was best: If I do not understand how to use all the tools in my tool kit, Im toast.
It felt terrible initially, since I kept assuming the quantity of damage I was taking indicated I was being reckless. But it doesnt matter how often opponents strike you, as long as you hit them harder, and enough of them die that your health is continuously renewed. Early in the video game, I kept feeling like I was getting whipped quite terribly, only to understand after a few minutes that they were all dead, and I was still standing with full health.
As long as you can kill a specific number of enemies as they put their own bullets and attacks into you, you can remain there permanently. If you find your health falling so far you get unpleasant, attempt to always have an ability prepared that will eliminate at least one opponent so you can stay alive, or give you the opportunity to get the hell out of there.
Each of the video games four classes manages healing a little in a different way, but each system is suggested to put that character exactly where they require to be on the battleground to get the most out of their abilities and assist their teammates.

As players, weve almost been persuaded into thinking the default gameplay loop is to find a battle, find cover, take out everyone you can, move forward to the next piece of cover, and repeat that process up until youre victorious. Outriders even looks like a cross between Gears of War and The Division, 2 series that presume youll be behind cover during most of your skirmishes.
” We examined various approaches of healing like pickups, or special finishers, but we discovered that making most classes need to simply kill enemies worked best,” wrote Bartek Kmita, director of Outriders, in a recent post. “It requires players to get aggressive, utilize all of their tool kit, and dive into the heart of the fight, which is where Outriders combat actually shines.”
Its a system similar to what we saw in the last Doom video games, where being unrelentingly aggressive was the only method to keep your health as full as possible.
I play Outriders as a Devastator, the games tank class, which suggests I recover myself by killing opponents that are physically near me. I have an ability that turns me into a drifting collection of rocks so I can pick where to fly, put myself back together, and attack. Preferably Im killing at least one bad guy while likewise putting myself into a much better position on the battleground.

The very best way to survive is to find out how to do the right sort of damage at the best time

Image: People Can Fly/Square Enix

Each battleground appears to be developed to keep players moving from cover to cover, shooting only when provided the opportunity, taking genuine estate back from the opponent a couple of feet at a time. I play Outriders as a Devastator, the video games tank class, which means I heal myself by eliminating enemies that are physically close to me. The Trickster class, for example, uses hit-and-run methods to shock opponents, take them out, and move out of position prior to anyone can combat back. Killing opponents with these methods also refills some of the Tricksters shields as well as their health, which is a good thing due to the class lower general health and lack of benefit armor. Constantly keep in mind: The cover is for the opponents, since they need to hide from you.

The Trickster class, for example, uses hit-and-run strategies to shock enemies, take them out, and move out of position prior to anybody can combat back. Eliminating opponents with these tactics also fills up some of the Tricksters guards as well as their health, which is a good thing due to the class lower total health and absence of perk armor.
I still utilize cover, every so typically, however I do not actively try to find it most of the time, and there are much better ways to keep myself safe. Constantly remember: The cover is for the enemies, because they require to conceal from you. Its your job to survive by doing what you do best, which is tearing apart anybody that is available in your method.

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