Online-only Outriders can be paused in single-player — if you have an Nvidia GPU – The Verge2 min read

The handling of stopping briefly and single-player material in Outriders resembles Destiny 2, to which it shares some visual and mechanical similarities. Destiny 2 sells a battle pass and yearly growths with new story material, and it validates– a minimum of in part– its online-only requirements with the promise of new weekly and month-to-month modifications in the form of other features and live events.
The distinction is that Outriders is extremely explicitly sold as a more standard single-player video game, with the video games publisher Square Enix attending to the concern on its site, “Outriders is a total experience out of the box,” it composes. For some reason, an internet connection is still required, which, beyond impeding a fundamental function like stopping briefly the game, likewise appeared to contribute to Outriders launch on April 2nd being sort of a mess. Players had problems linking with the games servers to play in single-player and multiplayer, for which developer People Can Fly recognized and asked forgiveness openly.

Outriders, the online shooting, robbery, and superpower-slinging game from People Can Fly, lastly has a way to stop briefly, however to do it youll need to be using an Nvidia graphics card (via Kotaku). In spite of working as a single-player game, Outriders needs an internet connection to play, which indicates pausing in the middle of a battle was impossible till this workaround. Even with your menu open, opponents might still attack you.
Using Ansel, which is a function of Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards that allows a sort of image mode even in games without one integrated in, you can “pause” Outriders by pressing “Alt F2” on the fly, and get up and take care of service. Due to the fact that Ansel specifies to the Nvidias Geforce Experience software, stopping briefly is limited to PC players, which implies anyone playing on console or with a different brand of graphics card is out of luck.

The video game seems to be working fine now, and this strange Nvidia loophole means the experience of playing single-player might be a little bit more comfy, however Outriders definitely highlights the continuous problems of making a game online-only.

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