OnePlus may have found a new place to tuck away the selfie camera on its phones – Android Authority2 min read

Credit: Ryan-Thomas Shaw/ Android AuthorityOnePlus has patented a way of hiding the selfie cam in the bezel of a phone.The company kept in mind in a 23-page patent application that such a device will feature a high screen-to-body ratio.It could be OnePlus newest attempt at making an interruption-free smartphone display.OnePlus could be working on a method to remove punch-hole cutouts or notches on its mobile phones, and no, were not speaking about putting in a pop-up system. Instead, the company appears to be dealing with a “display screen device” that fits the selfie shooter within the thin bezels of a phone.Folks over at LetsGoDigital identified a patent file submitted by OnePlus with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). The 23-page documents explains a OnePlus phone with an OLED display. A hole for the selfie camera is made on the leading bezel covered with a “transparent cover plate.”The patent application describes this display screen device as having a “high screen-to-body ratio, low production cost, high yield, and high item reliability. “While under-display selfie video cameras are where the market is headed next, the innovation is not quite ready to take off simply yet. ZTEs Axon 20 5G is a prime example of how reputable under-display cameras might still be a while away. Our readers are likewise of differ of purchasing early under-display video camera phones.Meanwhile, OnePlus patented service seems like an efficient way of producing an interruption-free display screen. However, because its simply that, a patent, were unsure if the company is severe about advertising the design. Were certain that we will not see anything like this on the OnePlus 9 series, given that dripped renders already reveal a punch-hole on the screen.For now, all eyes are on OnePlus declared tie-up with Hasselblad for its approaching flagships. Whether this brand-new selfie electronic camera placement is on top of OnePlus concern list is anyones guess.

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