Oh No Xbox And Adidas What Are You Doing – Kotaku1 min read


Nike and PlayStation have enjoyed a years-long partnership where a bunch of their shoes have become all-time classics. Both the console and sneaker businesses being what they are, we are now inevitably about to get a whole bunch of Adidas x Xbox shoes to compete.

They haven’t been officially announced yet, but Complex got hold of some internal documents showing one of the shoes off, and if Adidas hoped that a targeted leak might take some of the shine off the new PG5 x PS5 collab, then they have…miscalculated.

These are trash! These are off-brand skate shoes you’d have bought at Costco in 2004. These are “newphew bugging me about games on my phone” shoes. The silhouette pictured above is a new shoe called the Forum Tech Boost, but Complex says a number of other models are releasing throughout 2021, including some basketball sneakers, so maybe they’ll be an improvement!

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