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The Pascal-based NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is a card that hasnt been identified in the green jungles of NVIDIAs AIB ecosystem since the previous 2 years. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the smoldering fire that is the GPU market in 2021, the NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti is officially returning from the dead as NVIDIA has a hard time to satisfy overwhelming need.
NVIDIA bringing Pascal GPUs back from the dead to ward off a few of the supply
The news was broken by TechYesCity (by means of Videocardz) and highlights the demand/supply situation that is currently prevailing in the global GPU market. With cryptocurrencies booming, TSMC bottlenecked to high paradise and COVID-induced delays plaguing the supply chain, we are taking a look at one of the worst GPU markets in history (or the very best, depending on your perspective). In fact, NVIDIA has actually chosen to restore a Pascal-based GPU that has been dead for over 2 years now: the GTX 1050 Ti.
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The GP107, 4GB affair will definitely not win any efficiency standards but will have the ability to seriously supplement NVIDIAs bread and butter low-end deliveries – which have actually been struck particularly hard. With the expense of Ampere GPUs high due to absence of materials, it makes good sense for the company to move the lower end lineups to an older architecture (at a very budget friendly cost point). Regrettably, nevertheless, this card, in 2021, will provide bit more than simply very fundamental gaming efficiency (at low settings, 1080p) and would likely only be purchased by OEM builders that are aiming to deliver their systems with the most inexpensive “discrete” graphics card possible.
Another intriguing point that Videocardz mentions is that the current DAG file of Ethereum requires over 4GB of vRAM to be able to be mined – which suggests that the 1050 Ti will not be targetted by scalpers or miners – making it the ideal low-end GPU. To all those waiting to get their hands on a GPU – I also have a ray of hope. Ethereum is preparing yourself to transition to evidence of stake at some point this year and it should mark the beginning of completion of power-hungry GPU mining as the rest of the community does the same.
Regrettably, however, we do not expect the marketplace to enhance till late 2021 (if at all) and you would best lookout for restricted close-to-MSRP supply runs on big etailers like Amazon (or direct from AIBs) to secure a system on your own.

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