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It’s his best friend, head.
Gif: Hello Games / Winder Sun

Bored while waiting for No Man’s Sky’s massive 17th free expansion to come out, modder and video maker Winder Sun has vowed to mod Hello Games’ boss Sean Murray’s likeness into the game in increasingly creative and creepy ways until the Frontiers update goes live.

Traditionally No Man’s Sky updates drop on the same day they are officially announced, adding sweeping new features, often completely transforming the face of the game. Frontiers, announced earlier this month in conjunction with the game’s fifth anniversary, is going to take a little more time. So Winder Sun is using this time to completely change the face of game developer Sean Murray into different things.

Things like this car.

A screenshot from No Man's Sky showing Sean Murray's head modded on a car.

Disney Pixar’s No Man’s Cars.
Screenshot: Hello Games / Winder Sun

This joyous, smiling vehicle is Winder Sun’s opening shot, accompanied by the message, “For every day the update is not released I will put your head on one additional object in the game. And yes this is a threat.”

Winder Sun is not angry or frustrated that the new update is not out. Considering Hello Games has already released 16 major free updates for the game since launch, it’s hard to be mad at them. It is, however, easy to swap out the texture for portals and warps with Sean Murray’s smiling mug, as Winder Sun did on day two of their “protest.”

A screenshot from a modded version of No Man's Sky with Sean Murray's head texture replacing dimensional gates.

Pretty sure this is just ‘80s Doctor Who special effects.
Screenshot: Hello Games / Winder Sun

Nothing like a swirling pool of facial hair and teeth to get you in the mood for interstellar adventure. Winder Sun not only put Murray’s face on the portal, it’s in the warp tunnel effect as well.

On the third day of whatever it is we’re calling this, Winder Sun gave to me, horrible never-ending nightmares by putting Sean Murray’s face on a blob.

Live forever as you are now with Sean Murray.
Screenshot: Hello Games / Winder Sun

Now it’s starting to look like something out of one of those creepy late night Adult Swim infomercials. The one advertising a flawless digital copy of yourself that will live forever? So creepy.

Winder Sun dialed things back a bit on day four. Instead of a blob, he put Sean Murray’s face on the textures of No Man’s Sky’s wireframe biome. Each little fragmented texture is Murray’s face. Even the static is Murray’s face.

A modded screenshot of No Man's Sky with the polygonal biome replaced with Sean Murray head textures.

This one is just art.
Screenshot: Hello Games / Winder Sun

Things really came to a head on day five, when Winder Sun put Murray’s head on Floaters, little flying dealios your character can ride around on. Note that the Floater in the picture below is farting out gas made of little Murray heads.

Sean Murray riding Sean Murray while farting little Sean Murrays.

Living the dream.
Screenshot: Hello Games / Winder Sun

So, what’s next? According to one of their latest tweets, Winder Sun’s next move might be transforming an entire planet into the head of the head of Hello Games. If I were Sean Murray, I would seriously consider getting that Frontiers update out sooner than later. But I am no Sean Murray.

Let the modding nightmares continue.


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