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Nintendo Game Boy is getting a new and special video game 31 years after it launched in 1989, thanks to Green Boy Games and Kickstarter. In 2021, everybody and their mothers siss future husbands family pet Banana Slug may want a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and video games for them, however there also a few nostalgic gamers who would enjoy a factor to break out the Nintendo Game Boy, among the biggest portable consoles ever made. That said, its seldom the 31-year-old, soon to be 32-year-old, sentimental hardware gets a new video game, however thats precisely what its getting this spring. More particularly, and after an effective Kickstarter project, The Shapeshifter will launch sometime this spring, and today, the only way to play it will be the Nintendo Game Boy. As the Kickstarter notes, the designer has actually launched several Nintendo Game Boy games in the past, and much like those, this will one will be mainly restricted to physical cartridges in order “to keep alive the spirit” of the “famous console” alive.As for the game itself, you play as Elliot “a common person” who goes to invest a weekend in the mountains with some friends. That said, the outdoor camping journey is rapidly disrupted by a little elf requesting for your help in conserving his world from a wizard. To this end, the fairy grants you a special power: whatever animal you touch, you end up being. The power only lasts till dawn, which means you require to accomplish your goal before the sun rises. If anybody of this sounds fascinating to you, be sure to inspect out the Kickstarter, which has actually already raised nearly $19,000, much more than its $7,304 goal. In the meanwhile, for more protection on all things Nintendo– consisting of all of the most current news, rumors, and leakages– click on this link or take a look at the appropriate links noted below:

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