Nintendo Executive Blocked Remake Of GoldenEye 007, Says Former Rare Dev – Nintendo Life1 min read

” When it was put to Nintendo, everybody there authorized it, other than they didnt inspect with the one guy who mattered … I believe I was told his reaction went along the lines of, There is no other way a Nintendo game is coming out on a Microsoft console.”

© MGM/EonIt was a rather historic moment in the history of video games recently when Rares cancelled XBLA remake/ remaster of GoldenEye 007 was leaked onto the web. The video game nobody thought would see the light of day was finally released, even if it wasnt official.Following this, discussions instantly resurfaced about the license and the parties for and against the release of the video game. At the time, we heard how Nintendo allegedly wasnt to blame, but it might have played a part.Now, in a minor update, former Rare artist, Ross Bury, has actually shared some extra insight with Ars Technica, exposing how the video game had actually been approved by everyone at Nintendo – or so they thought till one company executive (who remains unidentified) obviously brought the project to a halt when it was almost complete.

Bury adds how this one persons “orders surpassed whatever”, which is believed to have actually consisted of MGM and OEMs handling of the Bond computer game at the time, according to Ars Technica.
Keep in mind, this is simply one account of what happened, and theres still a possibility the whole situation may have not helped by MGM and co. Back in 2016, Xbox head Phil Spencer, said GoldenEye 007 had actually “always been a rights issue” instead of anything else.
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