New York tattoo parlor boasts ink designed to fade in just over a year – Fox News2 min read

Tattoos arent permanently anymore.Until recently, there were generally two alternatives for getting a tattoo: the irreversible kind, or the temporary kind that vanished after a prolonged shower. And now, individuals aiming to get some ink have a new option.
A new tattoo parlor is opening up in New York that concentrates on short-term tattoos.
( iStock) Ephemeral Tattoo, scheduled to open later on this month in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, is hoping to bring in a wide array of customers who might wonder about tattoos but arent all set to make a long-lasting dedication, The New York Post reports. Rather, the ink used at Ephemeral Tattoo will take up to 15 months for the ink to fade, which is reportedly the method it was designed.FLORIDA HOTEL PLANS TO HAVE INFLUENCER-STYLED WEDDING PACKAGES FOR TRENDY COUPLESCompany CEO Jeff Liu, in addition to co-founders Josh Sakhai, Brennal Pierre and Vandan Shah, apparently spent six years establishing the non-permanent ink. Unlike conventional tattoos, where the ink is designed to withstand being broken down by the body, the inks utilized at Ephemeral Tattoo are deliberately designed to break down over time.So far, nevertheless, black is the only type of ink available at the parlor. According to one tattoo artist who spoke with the Post, the ink isnt able to be faded or used in a grayscale, but artists can apparently get similar results by cross-hatching the ink or stippling into the design.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWSThe New York Post talked to Michael Bellamy, owner of Red Rocket Tattoo in Manhattan, about the brand-new type of ink– and he clearly wasnt a fan.” Its totally versus what tattoos represent: the permanence, the dedication, the defiant [spirit],” he stated. “Everyone in my age group is going to make fun of this and say its not for strong people. Its not the real offer.”

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