New Views of HTC’s Unannounced VR Headset Emerge – Road to VR1 min read

After confirming the upcoming reveal of “game-changing VR headsets” at the VIVECON event next week, HTC continues to ramp up the teasing with new glimpses of an unannounced VR headset.

Spotted by Road to VR commenter Andrew Jakobs in promotional emails from HTC, three new glimpses of an upcoming Vive headset can be seen below:

The new glimpses don’t tell us much, but there’s a few things we can infer. For one, the headset seems to hardly resemble the Vive Proton headset which the company had revealed as a prototype in early 2020, so indeed this may be something entirely different.

The views make it pretty clear that the headset has at least four cameras for inside-out tracking, mounted in a similar corner arrangement as seen on Oculus Quest.

The third shot appears to be some sort of vent, which likely indicates an active cooling system to keep an internal processor from overheating. That means we’re probably looking at a standalone headset here, rather than something tethered.

These teases bring us no closer to learning if this headset will be a consumer-focused headset meant to compete with the likes of Quest, or a pricier product aimed at enterprise customers. Earlier teasing about the headset from HTC included phrases like “let’s get down to business,” which suggests an enterprise play.

HTC’s prior tease said that the company will reveal “game-changing VR headsets” (plural), so it’s possible that this is just one of two (or more) headsets the company plans to show next week.

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