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In case you forgot, theres a new Pokemon MOBA in the works called Pokemon Unite that is set to pertain to Nintendo Switch and mobile phones in the future. While The Pokemon Company hasnt said much about this brand-new video game since first revealing it back in 2020, it appears like we might soon be getting a whole lot of new information.The reason for this belief comes from the fact that a new gameplay video for Pokemon Unite has just recently discovered its way onto YouTube. The video, which was just published today and can be discovered below, features an entire match beginning at the opening Pokemon selection screen all the way up until the post-game lobby and accompanying main menu. The video footage that we see centers around a player controlling Charizard but other Pokemon such as Slowbro, Absol, Snorlax, and Lucario are likewise featured.If youre wondering just how this gameplay has come about in the first place, Pokemon Unite is in fact going through a closed beta phase right now. The only downside is that this beta is just readily available in China today. If you currently watched it for yourself, the in-game text from the gameplay video surely gave this away. For now, there are no plans to bring this exact same beta to other areas but that might alter in the future.The plus side to this whole situation is that for Pokemon Unite to be holding a beta at all means that an official release could be coming earlier than we think. In all probability, the video game will go through addition beta stages in other areas across the world in the coming months prior to then releasing later. While this isnt an assurance by any ways, other multiplayer video games, particularly those on mobile, tend to follow this pattern.Of course, if any discoveries are made about Pokemon Unite in the near future, well certainly keep you in the loop here on Until then, you can keep following all of our protection on the video game in the future right here.

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