New mobile RPG from Sega likely to debut at Tokyo Game Show – Gamepur

Gamers are expecting some exciting news to be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show. The TGS is often the place where a lot of Japanese-based publishers and developers reveal new games and info on previously revealed games. TGS is often seen as the Japanese version of the United State’s E3. This year’s TGS will begin on September 30 and will last until October 3. Big companies like Square Enix, Capcom, Konami, and even Microsoft will be at the show this year.

It’s been rumored for a while that Sega was working on a new RPG. A new teaser was released confirming that a new RPG will be coming from the company and will be announced at TGS. However, the new RPG appears to be a mobile game.

As shared by Eurogamer, the teaser is simple cinematic that shows off the look and style of the game. Its narrated in Japanese by several unknown characters, presumably the protagonists of the game. The video has a quill moving on its own and drawing an image of a beautiful canyon and three unidentified characters. Then there are flashes of images showing off more intense scenes. The game appears to take inspiration from many classical Asian RPGs. The teaser ends with the info for Sega’s presentation at TGS.

Sega’s and Atlus’s TGS presentation is slated for October 1 around 9 AM ET.

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