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Talis face as it initially appeared in Mass Effect 3 (2012 )Image: KotakuIt wasnt the greatest of Mass Effect 3s missteps, so you d be forgiven for having forgotten everything about it, but BioWares trilogy did us all dirty when it invested 2.9 video games developing the mystery of what Tali the Quarian appeared like only to expose … she looked like stock art of an attractive human lady.The truth Tali, the only Quarian we ever see without a mask on, was revealed to be generally a human with white eyes (above) at the end of Mass Effect 3 was a squashing frustration to fans, who had grown accustomed to having the ability to “romance” more alien aliens. It was also simply strange … why would someone who uses a mask and helmet 99.99% of the time bother/tolerate growing long hair?However with an opportunity to alter things with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters, Bioware have actually done just that, replacing the well-known stock art image with something a little less “Getty”. Tali is still shown to be very human-like– which Im sure will still distress some Mass Effect fans– and now has her mask on, and in basic is looking a lot more like she is posing for a regular photo, and not a still from a c and w video.Tali as she now appears in Mass Effect 3 Legendary EditionScreenshot: MaxgoodsG/O Media may get a commission(For what its worth I still truly like this early idea from Matt Rhodes, among the artists who dealt with the original video games). Illustration: Matt Rhodes.

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