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Akshan is the brand-new South Asian-inspired League of Legends champion arriving in patch 11.15 as part of the Sentinel of Light event. This Rogue Sentinel has a similar story to Viego, The Ruined King. They seek vengeance for their loved ones, but Akshan’s choices are focused on saving the world, not destroying it.

He has a unique ability never seen before in League of Legends where he can revive his teammates. If enemy champions kill Akshan’s teammates, the enemy gets marked as a Scoundrel. Defeating the Scoundrel gives him extra gold and resurrects those fallen teammates at the base.

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He’s an assassin which requires stealth. While camouflaged, he can follow paths that lead to the Scoundrels. He also gains speed and mana regeneration when moving closer towards the Scoundrels.

Akshan is a marksman with an action-packed kit. Avengerang deals damage when it’s thrown at the target and when it comes back. Also, while swinging with his hookshot, he can fire bullets at the closest enemy; this ability is called Heroic Swing. Another ability is Comeuppance, where Akshan channels bullet power into his gun while locking onto an enemy. He then releases all the acquired bullets towards a target. Players can use this ability with Heroic Swing.

Additionally, Akshan has a passive three-hit burst of physical damage. If the target is a champion, then Akshan gains a shield. He fires a second attack right after, but canceling the second shot gives the player a burst of speed.

Players can start swinging as Akshan on July 22.

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