Netflix releases trailer for CG animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness – The A.V. Club1 min read

Local Evil: Infinite DarknessScreenshot: YouTubeResident Evil fans are presently having fun “preventing” being killed by Lady Dimitrescu in Village, the 8th video game in the series and the second entry in a soft reboot that has actually mainly dropped any connections to the old games (other than the duplicated look of Chris Redfield, who has become a penis in the decades since getting locked in that estate outside Raccoon City), however Netflix is remarkably going way back in the timeline for CG animated series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Set in 2006, the program stars Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield quickly after the Leon-centric occasions of Resident Evil 4 however before zombies destroy the White House in Resident Evil 6 (and possibly prior to the racist and stupid occasions of Resident Evil 5, suggesting series villain Albert Wesker might still be alive), telling a story about– what else? Last summer season, we heard that program would take location across two timelines, one set after the occasions of the video games in New Raccoon City and another set a decade later in the bio-weapon apocalypse, which would not necessarily oppose anything in this series or the games, but the Resident Evil timeline is currently very untidy and strange so it doesnt matter.

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