Moving from Australia to the US during Covid wasnt easy. The vaccine offers a glimmer of hope – The Guardian2 min read

OpinionAs a paediatrician, I understand about the significance of vaccines and will be initially in line when it is my turn to roll up my sleeveMon 15 Feb 2021 23.27 ESTMoving to the United States with two young children during a pandemic was a task I would never have believed was possible. Our children have ended up being accustomed to putting “alcohol” on their hands if we go out for groceries and masks have actually become a method of day-to-day life.Australias Covid vaccine rollout to begin next Monday as first Pfizer delivery arrivesRecently, I decided to send my eldest to school. Here it seems that life goes on and Covid-19 is always there in the background.The Covid-19 vaccine offers me a glimmer of hope. When my hubby got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I sobbed tears of relief, then jumped up and down in happiness and danced with my kids.I feel relieved that after having actually received his second dose my other half has now 95% opportunity of not developing symptomatic disease. With a population of more than 330m, it will be many more months prior to the US will reach some kind of herd immunity.As a paediatrician, I know all too well about the importance of vaccines and I will definitely be first in line when it is my turn to roll up my sleeve.

Abby BloomAs I enjoy my fellow Melburnians plunged into another lockdown, I feel their pain.Should we be immunizing global arrivals at the airport to curb the spread? How rapidly can we disperse this vaccine?Australia needs to think about setting up mass vaccination at sporting arenas early to allow people more immediate access to the vaccine. Administration of the vaccine ought to not be limited to medical professionals and nurses however encompassed pharmacists, medical and other healthcare students in addition to the defence force. A tier system is very important however we require to get this vaccine to as many Australians as quickly as possible. Do we have a centralised text messaging service so that people understand when and where to get vaccinated? Do we allow walk-ins to ensure no vials are wasted?Society depends on all or the majority of us to take part in attaining some level of herd resistance. Due to the fact that this virus is moving and altering at a speed we can not manage, it is vital that we believe tough and fast as a society. We can, nevertheless, manage our behaviour. We can pick to take this vaccine. And we can pick to hope. – Dr Sarah Arachchi is a Melbourne paediatrician, currently based in the United States topRight ticker heading

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