Motorola demos wireless charging tech that can power devices 100cm away – XDA Developers1 min read

The future of cordless charging will not include charging pads, and theres a race between hardware suppliers to be the first to make it take place. Today, Xiaomi showed off a tech demonstration of its “Mi Air Charge” over-the-air charging tech, but Motorola also debuted its own work on no-contact charging today.A Motorola executive took to Weibo today to share a video showing off a model remote charging station with the branding “Motorola One Hyper”, not to be puzzled with the mobile phone by the same name. These smart devices look like the Motorola Edge, but its unclear what– if any– adjustments have been made to them.The video continues with a presentation of how charging halts when a persons hand is positioned in front of the charging station.

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