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An 20th anniversary controller being teased by Xbox has appeared on the Best Buy website.

Microsoft has been posting tweets with the controller shrouded in darkness, but the Best Buy listing shows the controller fully lit.

The official Xbox Twitter account posted a photo of the darkened controller on Wednesday, with the message “20 years of play in your hands”, but it was impossible to see any detail.

UPDATE: Microsoft has officially announced the 20th anniversary special edition Xbox controller alongside a special edition stereo headset, both of which will launch on November 15 and are available to pre-order now for $69.99 / £59.99.

When players connect the controller to an Xbox Series X/S console, they will unlock an exclusive 20th anniversary dynamic background (pictured below). This can be unlocked on any console the pad is used with, but once another background is chosen, the anniversary one will no longer be available unless the special edition controller is reconnected.

Xbox wireless controller trailer

ORIGINAL STORY CONTINUES: The Best Buy listing, however, clearly shows the controller and provides a detailed description of it.

“Inspired by the styles and innovations of the past, this 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox wireless controller brings you the best of the last 20 years,” the listing reads.

“It features a transparent black design with vibrant green details that stay true to Xbox’s signature style while thoughtfully designed buttons and a hybrid D-pad enable precision, tactical gameplay.”

As well as the green Xbox button, the controller features green back grips for more comfortable play.

The 20th anniversary controller is the latest in a line of special edition coloured controllers Microsoft has released since the launch of the Xbox Series X and S.

In August it announced that it was releasing a special edition Forza Horizon 5 controller made of translucent bright yellow plastic. The following day, it then announced a new Halo-themed Xbox Elite Series 2 controller inspired by Master Chief’s armour.

Earlier in August it also announced the Aqua Shift Special Edition, which is available now at a price of $69.99 and comes in a special blue colour that gives off a ‘shimmering’ effect.

In June three new Xbox Series X/S controller designs were released to tie in with the Space Jam: A New Legacy movie.

And back in March, Xbox announced two other controller colours, called Electric Volt and Daystrike Camo.

On Wednesday, it was announced that Xbox and Adidas have partnered to create a series of sneakers designed to celebrate the console brand’s 20th anniversary.

The first design to be revealed, the Xbox 20th Forum Tech, features “translucent green details inspired by the special edition release of the original Xbox console for the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001”.


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