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Microsoft Teams is widely known as a competitor to Slack for workplace communications, however almost a year ago the business announced it was likewise getting some features geared at using it with family or good friends. After a long preview period, Microsoft is announcing that Teams is now readily available to anyone and totally free for individual usage.
If you have not tried Teams for individual use yet, it includes core features from platforms like Slack and Discord, consisting of video calling, chat, integration with files youre working with and so on. Todays announcement highlights the sort of features Microsoft is aiming at people who wish to use it with families and friends. For instance, “Together Mode” is a twist on video calling that puts you and your callers into a virtual shared environment; Microsoft states this really reduces video call fatigue “because your brain does not have to work as hard when compared to a standard video call.”.
Another personal feature on Teams is reacting utilizing live emoji and GIFs during video calls. And Microsoft states that you dont need to stress over multiple links depending on what device youre using– one link will work on the web, on Macs and pcs and on mobile. Thats a pretty standard feature for video conferences, but its still valuable..
Microsoft also has some organization features baked into Teams, including things like shared order of business in a group chat. You can start a chat with a particular group and after that construct out a list and designate items to just those individuals. Groups likewise lets you take any message and turn it into a to-do item, so if somebody asks you to do something, that message can be transformed into an item for your job list.
Likewise, you can begin surveys with group chats and then take actions directly from the poll once it is total, like setting up a video call or a calendar entry. Teams incorporates a “dashboard view” that lets you see everything shared with your group, including files, pictures, links, occasions, shared tasks and more..
Microsoft made it clear that Teams for individual use is totally distinct from the work side of the product if youre someone who uses Teams for company. Everything is kept different, however the desktop app makes changing in between the 2 modes insignificant. Once again, this sounds not different to having several Slack offices. Offered that plenty of individuals are utilizing Slack for personal interactions, it makes sense that Microsoft is going to make the personal side of Teams more appealing as well. All products suggested by Engadget are picked by our editorial group, independent of our moms and dad business. Some of our stories include affiliate links. We might earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through one of these links.

If you havent attempted Teams for individual use yet, it includes core features from platforms like Slack and Discord, including video calling, chat, combination with files youre working with and so on. Another personal function on Teams is reacting using live emoji and GIFs throughout video calls. If youre somebody who uses Teams for company, Microsoft made it clear that Teams for individual usage is completely distinct from the work side of the product.

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