Microsoft says the latest Xbox Series X update fixes controller disconnect issues – The Verge1 min read

Gamers started reporting detach issues with the controllers just days after the consoles launch, and you can see some of those reports in this 89-page thread on Microsofts assistance online forums. In January, however, Microsoft acknowledged that it was mindful of the concerns and stated that repairs were coming “in a future upgrade” in a statement to The Verge.
We havent checked the brand-new update ourselves to see if it repairs issues that people have actually seen. But if you have actually been experiencing controller disconnects, it seems like the brand-new upgrade could resolve them for you.

Lots of Xbox news this week, but in case you missed it we released our March Xbox System Update yesterday. In addition to the new features, this release also repairs a number of the controller detaches gamers have reported.Keep the feedback coming.https:// bltTsL6Lty– Jason Ronald (@jronald) March 10, 2021

Microsoft launched a new Xbox upgrade previously today that brings toggles for Auto HDR and FPS Boost and improvements to better support the new Xbox Wireless Headset. There was another big function that wasnt pointed out in the official release notes: the upgrade likewise fixes “numerous” of the Xbox Series X controller detach concerns that have actually cropped up, according to the Xbox teams Jason Ronald.

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