Microsoft rebrands Xbox Live to Xbox network – The Verge1 min read

Mean a name modification initially appeared back in August, after Microsoft updated its Services Agreement. At the time, Microsoft stated it wasnt rebranding the service and had no plans to terminate Xbox Live Gold. Instead, Microsoft went on to reveal a rate walking for Xbox Live Gold that the company was required to quickly reverse.
Microsoft is now preparing to drop the subscription requirement for free-to-play video games on its Xbox network in the coming months. Games like Fortnite will no longer require Xbox Live Gold as an outcome, but Microsoft hasnt yet verified exactly when the paywall will be eliminated.

Circumstances of the brand-new branding started appearing in the Xbox dashboard recently for beta testers, with clips being submitted to “Xbox network” rather of Xbox Live. “The upgrade from Xbox Live to Xbox network is planned to distinguish the hidden service from Xbox Live Gold subscriptions.”
Microsoft has actually used Xbox Live to describe its underlying Xbox service since its original launch 18 years ago. Larry Hryb, much better referred to as Major Nelson, has been referred to as “Xbox Lives Major Nelson” for years, however Hryb now refers to himself as “Xboxs Major Nelson.”

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