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If Microsoft had its method, Office 2021 probably would not be news at all– the Redmond giant would almost definitely prefer that everyone merely subscribe to Microsoft 365, pay a little regular monthly or annual cost, and get brand-new functions and repairs as theyre presented. For numerous if not most Office users, the subscription-based service is the most practical method to get Office, even when they desire to use it as in your area installed software rather than doing their work in the web browser and in the cloud.
For the rest of us– and for those who dont want to bear with the Byzantine procedures essential to install Microsoft 365 apps on Remote Desktop Servers– theres Office 2019 now, and there will be Office 2021 later this year. There will likewise be a brand-new Office LTSC (Long Term Service Channel), which trades a 10 percent price walking for a guarantee of longer assistance durations … longer than the customer variation of Office 2021, that is.

Enlarge/ The brand-new variation of Office will use easy-toggle Dark Mode settings in numerous if not all applications.

In truth, the “Long Term Service Channel” version of Office 2021 will still have a much shorter support life process than that taken pleasure in by previous variations of Office. Office 2019 had a seven-year assistance window– Office 2021 LTSC will just offer 5. Theres no main word yet on the support life cycle of the probably shorter-lived consumer variation of Office 2021.
Up until now, Office 2021 looks like it will primarily concentrate on visual updates; its apps include a new Dark Mode for those who prefer light text on a dark background, and unspecified availability enhancements are on the way as well. Excel is set up to get a couple of meatier improvements ported in from Office 365, including vibrant varieties and xlookup. The couple of Office 2021 screenshots weve seen do not otherwise appear dramatically different from earlier versions.
Both Office 2021 and Office 2021 LTSC will consist of OneNote and will be offered in both 32-bit and 64-bit variations. Office 2021 is anticipated to be readily available on both Windows and Mac in the 2nd half of 2021, with a Windows preview of the LTSC variation anticipated in April.

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