Microsoft is testing 1080p Xbox Game Pass streaming – Engadget1 min read

The 720p resolution for Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming (aka xCloud) is decent on a phone, but thats clearly not going to cut it when the service comes to PCs and iPads. Its not certain how prevalent the testing is or how soon youll see that upgrade, however this would be a big increase in quality for big screen players.
A simultaneous leak of an upgraded Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows likewise demonstrates how the software will accommodate more players. Itll reportedly provide support for touch and gyro (motion) input, making it more possible to from another location play Xbox games on tablets like the Surface line when you dont have a gamepad.
Both the new app and the 1080p test are early, and its not specific when either might appear. Microsoft is reported to have a gaming event lined up for March, but theres no assurance either upgrade will be ready to address that time. Its simple to see Microsoft pushing forward. Cloud video gaming and remote play work best when you dont have to fret about your device choices or image quality– they wouldnt quite be common after this, however they d be close enough that more individuals may provide a shot.

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