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In spite of all this, Meitenkun is still thought about to be a very abled fighter within King of Fighters lore. While Meitenkun has an extremely carefree mindset, its noted that he frequently rules victorious over Shun ei, who is the lead character of King of Fighters 14 and 15.

This fighter is a strange one as he always appears to be really sleepy. Strangely, he tends to bring his pillow into battle with him.

Naturally, this is in fact Meitenkuns second look in the King of Fighters series as he made his launching in King of Fighters 14. In addition to Shun ei, Meitenkun has been trained by Tung Fu Rue.

During the trailer, Meitenkun is shown to be able to assault with energy based attacks. By putting his energy into his pillow, even attacks that use the head cushion can deal damage versus opponents.

Meitenkun has actually been revealed for King of Fighters 15. This is the very first new character revealed for King of Fighters 15 considering that the expose of the very first trailer that included Shun ei, K, Leona, Mai, Kyo and Benimaru.

At the end of the trailer, were informed to “tune in next week for more information.” Have a look at Meitenkuns trailer below:

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