Man With Prosthetic Leg Asked Why He Parked in Handicap Spot – TMZ2 min read

Now, its easy to understand why the lady mayve believed he was some young whippersnapper flouting the rules … because, yes, it takes place. And as she notes … she “desperately needs” access to such spots. Its also unclear * how * she tackled asking.

Because PN has a prosthetic leg– along with what amounts to a handicap placard on the dash of his cars and truck– he parked in a handicap space close to the building. The problem … this female seems to have actually presumed he didnt require it and was just parking anywhere he wanted.

Still … possibly next time, wait til theyre out of the car before attacking– ya might get some much-needed context ideas!

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Let this be a lesson for all– when you assume, you make an ass outta U and ME … which applies to this female who asked a guy with one leg why he parked in a handicap area.

His point … not all handicapped people remain in wheelchairs and not all are very old and frail (which likewise takes place to be his TikTok bio). Paniora states he went to the police officers over this too, BTW, however they told him they werent able to do anything. So, he took to the internet.

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Australian social networks influencer Paniora Nukunuku– who passes @pnuks on TikTok– published a series of videos this previous week recording his encounter with a senior girl who apparently accosted him in a McDonalds car park as he pulled into an area.

Big error, cause the person takes the lady to task– within reason, obviously. He leaves the vehicle and films his prosthetic, and when he lastly comes face to face with her asking why she questioned if the placard was really his … its hilariously awkward.

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