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After going a long period of time with no hardware updates, Logitech has actually finally revealed what a number of us presumed was coming. TechHive points out a post on the support forums validating that Logitech will no longer produce Harmony remotes..
While Harmony remotes are and continue to be offered through various merchants, progressing Logitech will no longer make Harmony remotes.
We plan to support our Harmony neighborhood and brand-new Harmony customers, which consists of access to our software application and apps to set up and handle your remotes. We also prepare to continue to update the platform and add gadgets to our Harmony database.
The businesss universal remotes have been among the finest alternatives– and over the last few years, practically the only alternatives– for home theater users who want a standard style remote that can link practically anything in a living-room and wise house. Specifically as companies like Google, Apple and Amazon have actually extended their reach into house control and HDMI-CEC links controls for more gadgets, the market for universal remotes is more of a specific niche than ever..
While Logitech considered selling the department in 2013 before keeping it in-house, this time the product line is just concerning an end, with remaining products sold through merchants till theyre all gone. If youre believing about getting a Harmony remote, or simply getting one as a possible replacement, we broke down the present lineup of controls late in 2015 to help you choose which one fits your setup the best. In the meantime theyre available “while supplies last” with Logitech setting an objective to supply service and assistance (but probably not any new functions) for “as long as clients are using it.”.

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