Lies of P is a new Bloodborne-inspired take on Pinocchio for PC, PS5, Xbox – Polygon2 min read

Lies of P is a new “Souls-like” action RPG that mixes the timeless kidss story Pinocchio with the plague-filled horrors of Bloodborne. Established by Round 8 Studios (Bless Unleashed) and published by Neowiz, the video game is slated to come to Google Stadia, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X in 2023.
Lies of P appears like a horrifying take on the toy-becomes-boy classic. The first part of the trailer shows a rat squirming out of what appears to be a dead males mouth. Its a far cry from the cheerful tale lots of people know from the animated Disney film.
The launched footage– a cinematic trailer– shows a decrepit, snow-covered European city that is desolate other than for one walking figure: an old male with a snow-white beard and a monocle who must be Geppetto. He drags a large trunk into what appears to be a church that happens to look like the Parisian cathedral Notre Dame. Screams ring through the church and we see a white mechanized beast with blue eyes laying damaged on the flooring. The teaser ends with Geppetto putting the last discuss a fancy young lad who has a mechanical hand.
The developers told IGN that the video game will include a lie system where what you say and do will impact gameplay– which is a connection to the story of Pinocchio, where the main characters nose grows each time he informs a lie. Beyond that we do not know all the much about the game and this is just the very first look at the new project.
Pinocchio has been plumbed for horror before with the 1996 slasher movie Pinocchios Revenge (and later accidentally with Roberto Benignis 2002 funny Pinocchio and Disneys 2000 TELEVISION musical Geppetto). Another adaptation, Guillermo del Toros long-imagined take on Pinocchio, is being developed for Netflix as a stop-motion animated movie.

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