Lenovos updated ThinkBook Plus packs a more practical E Ink screen – Engadget1 min read


And then theres the stylus: youll have the ability to doodle or jot notes on this 2nd screen similar to last time, but there are a few notable changes to bear in mind. For one, the stylus fits inside the notebook this time, instead of magnetically– and rather awkwardly– snap to the side of the screen. The stylus can likewise be configured to launch specific apps once its removed from its housing, a relocation that makes it feel not unlike one of Samsungs hallmark S Pens.Meanwhile, the rest of the device is fairly standard road-warrior stuff. You can kit it out with approximately an 11th-gen Intel Core i7 chipset and as much as 1TB of storage, while the 16GB of RAM, incorporated UHD graphics, WiFi 6, 2W stereo Harman Kardon speakers, and two Thunderbolt 4-compatible USB-C ports prevail throughout all setups. Lenovo says you can anticipate approximately 15 hours of usage from the ThinkBook Pluss 53Whr battery, though you can squeeze substantially more life out of this note pad if you just utilize that E Ink screen– think 24 hours or so.The initial ThinkBook Plus was captivating in its strangeness, but a few of Lenovos software application and function options felt incongruous with the note pads concentrate on business. This time, however, the company didnt simply flesh out that second screens functionality– it focused it. Sure, that suggests its a little less enjoyable than in the past, but hey: these changes likewise make the Gen 2 i a much easier cost IT departments, and an excellent conversation starter for the specialists who ultimately wind up with these things.

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