Lamborghini Urus Body Kit for Toyota SUV Is Surprisingly Classy – autoevolution2 min read

We’ve already shown you the Urus replica kit for the Toyota RAV4. It was hugely entertaining to look at, but also quite ugly. Some of those exaggerated features didn’t match the class of a Lamborghini which costs more than $200,000.

This isn’t that, though it comes from the same company called Albermo. The name is like an Italian brand that’s been around for centuries and the company actually uses the Tricolore (Italian flag) for its marketing, but it’s 100% Japanese. We’re glad creative shops like this are still around, even though people usually don’t have anything nice to say about them.

The new Toyota Venza isn’t anything special to look at, but it did donate the perfect set of headlights to this makeover. In Japan, the model is called the Harrier, but the hybrid powertrain and all the major features stay the same.

The most important part of the body kit is the front bumper. This comes with much wider and deeper air intakes down the sides, replicating those of the 650 horsepower V8-powered Lamborghini. Everything is smoother, though. It’s like a tribute to the early Lamborghini cars, which were GTs rather than angry supercars.

Down the sides, we see rectangular inserts over the top of the wheel arches, which house oversized wheels. The skirts have been blackened to match the “mouth” of the car. Meanwhile, at the back, the Venza has sprouted a wing down the middle of its trunk. And normally, this low-powered hybrid would have its exhaust tucked behind the bumper. But two versions of sports exhausts have been made available, complete with visible tips.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the kit can be yours for ¥362,000 in Japan, which is equivalent to a reasonable $3,300. Of course, that doesn’t include the exhaust, the oversized wheels, or the purple paint, which is inspired by the famous anime Evangelion.

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