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Based on the trailer, it appears that Kyo and Ioris competition is as strong as ever. Some fans have been speculating that Kyo and Iori may be teaming up in King of Fighters 15, Kyos team was not revealed at the end of the trailer like with Benimaru, Shun ei and Meitenkun– Team Hero.

Kyo has been one of the main protagonists of King of Fighters given that the debut of the series. He is the successor of the Kusanagi clan, among the three clans responsible for sealing the famous snake entity, Orochi.

Like Iori, Kyo has access to pyrokinetic abilities that boost his attacks with fire as he combats. These abilities provide neither him nor Iori immunity to fire.

As has actually been the case for a number of Wednesdays now, a brand-new gameplay trailer has been launched for King of Fighters 15. This time, we get to closer take a look at how Kyo Kusanagi will play and look in SNKs upcoming 3v3 fighting video game.

When Yuichiro Hiraki first developed Kyo, he was planned to be a contrast to Street Fighters Ryu. This suggests that Kyo dislikes training and is strong due to natural talent.

Have A Look At Kyo Kusanagis King of Fighters 15 gameplay trailer below:

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