Korg teases Drumlogue hybrid anlog / digital groovebox – Engadget1 min read


Korg states that it has a “direct, efficiency oriented user interface” and a “sequencer with deep functions” however didnt supply more details than that. Many of Korgs recent instruments dating back to the initial Minilogue in 2016 have focused on knob-per-function controls, so I would expect more of the very same here. When it comes to the sequencer, well, Korg did recently he impressively sounding SQ-64, and it would just make sense for them to bring some of the functions over from that while keeping the logue lines Motion Sequencing in tact for criterion automation. Regretfully we dont have a lot more to share beyond that. The Drumlogue is still quite in advancement and, while it might come out before the end of the year, Korg hasnt offer a release window right now.

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