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This title was obviously meant to focus on Sonia Belmont and a character called Victor Belmont, and would have taken place in 1666 right before Simon Belmonts original getaway.
Its not understood yet if the uploader of this footage will be sharing this pre-release develop online, but if we hear anything well let you understand. On an associated note, recently, “the outright worst” Castlevania video game joined the Arcade Archives collection on the Nintendo Switch.
What do you think about the above video of Castlevania Resurrection? Would you have had an interest in playing this one in the past? Share your ideas down below.

There have actually been a lot of promising games cancelled for many years, thankfully – more of them seem to be returning from the dead. Currently this year, GoldenEye 007 XBLA and Dinosaur Planet have actually been dripped online, and now to include to this, a pre-E3 demonstration of Castlevania Resurrection has emerged.
This title was initially revealed by Konami in 1999 and was intended to be a Sega Dreamcast release up until it was postponed and then cancelled around the year 2000. Its thought the Dreamcasts struggles and the PlayStation 2s success were contributing factors.
Before it was cancelled, it was revealed off to journalism and now somehow, out of no place, a video of the video game being played has been submitted to YouTube, entitled “Castlevania Resurrection exists”. Its appears to be an early build of the game (pre-dating 1999) and permitted the developer to transport the character to several locations.

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